Piers James is a British Artist-Producer creating sounds inspired by his experiences and journey in life so far. His way of life and music motive is based upon his own motto ‘Born. Artistic. To. Achieve’ with music being a fundamental part of his background whilst learning to play the piano from a young age.

Piers began developing his knowledge, skills and mature his musical talent through production and lyricism, with his music background/ taste being shaped by artists such as J Dilla, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde.  Piers has now established himself with a signature authentic 90’s boom-bap style having essence of soulful jazz infused with elements of Boom Bap Hip Hop but with a new school feel to it. Add smooth, dream-like hooks matched with a laid-back, confident delivery, makes Piers James’ a bright prospect for the future.

Music, writing and producing
‘I’ve been playing the Piano since I was about 6/7 years old, but in terms of writing lyrics and producing music I was about 16 when my cousin introduced to me Fruity Loops & Reason and I just began experimenting and making beats while recording at one of his friend’s house. Skip a couple a years and I was at University in London, living in Bethnal Green and producing beats off Logic with some boys in halls and whilst making these tracks and experimenting with different sounds I felt that they were different to everything that was coming out in the UK scene at the time and I started to believe that this was something I could do as a career and not a hobby.’

‘I write all the lyrics myself and majority of the production on my projects, but sometimes I may work with a Guitarist, Drummer, Pianist or Sax player as well as other producers I fuck with to create something unique. Most of the tracks I make seems to just progress authentically through an idea I can catch a vibe from, like one kick drum or Piano chord and just goes from there.’

On your latest EP ‘Vibes and Tribulations II’ you have features from JGrrey and IMONI, how did the collaborations on the EP happen?
‘With JGrrey Its funny cause I actually met her about 5 years before we even chatted about making music. I was performing at a show one time and she clocked me, and then randomly bumped into her at LIMF festival and from there we were I sent her some instrumentals and she hit me back with the Vocals and the evidence is what you see on the EP. With IMONI I met her at a show in London but lives locally to my area, so we hooked up at my studio and just been creating good Vibes ever since.’

‘In terms of collabs I would love to work with Andre 3000 as growing up he really inspired me to hold my own lyricism & word play to a higher standard and feel like I could learn a lot from him as a person and Artist. Another collab would be the Neptune’s as Pharrell and Chad are both pioneers of game, having made their own lane through a signature sound, it doesn’t matter who was singing or rapping on the track you could always tell it was them, and that really made me to search into the sounds I like, and really find myself as a producer. And finally Kanye I’d love to’

‘Most of the tracks I make seems to just progress authentically through an idea I can catch a vibe from, like one kick drum or Piano chord and just goes from there.’

‘I see the Ape in the Spacesuit as ‘Ceaser’ from the Planet of the Apes but from the future in a world of disarray.  As you can see by the background colouring it resembles a fire along with a city in the background. If you’re familiar with the planet of the apes you’ll know that Ceaser is a leader and the smartest of his race, so it kind of resembles him finding a way to survive through the chaos, and is attached with his findings ‘Vibes & Tribulations II’. This could be Metaphor for myself within the music scene.’

‘I always tend to differentiate my tracks in any project. I personally don’t like listening to an EP or album that has the same type of style beat or lyrics for every song. I wanna hear something away from the norm from what people expect. That way you never know what you’re gonna get from could appeal to larger audience. ‘

On These nights, you say: ‘I hope one day I can be truly living // Not living for what I’m given’.
‘You’re truly living when you’re aiming for your goals in life and experiencing moments along the way that you can look back on and remember the moment or memories for years to come. Whether that be a top holiday, a good night out with your boys or even just a funny moment. Ultimately it is just enjoying your Life in whatever you doing!  ‘Not Living for what I’m given’ I see as when you’re working in a job you don’t necessarily like you’re just doing it to get by and “given” a fee to be survive. I don’t want to know slave away in a dead-end job feeding the pockets of someone else while they “live” and reap the benefits of my hard work.’

Your song ‘Unfinished Business’ was premiered on Radio 1xtra
‘I got the message that Unfinished Business was gonna be Premiered on 1xtra about an hour before the Target show so I was gassed! I always find it a little surreal hearing your name/song on Radio and even listening to a tune you that at one point was just an idea in my head! After that love the song started grow and thankfully was picked up by Spotify Playlist.’

Highlight in your career
‘Most probably the Ghost Face Killah show at the Royal Festival Hall. Possibly one of the best venues I’ve played to date and I grew up on Wu Tang so it was surreal to be the opening act for him.’

What can we expect in the future?
‘This Month I’ve got some performances coming up:
14th July at Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester.
15th at Latitude Festival

‘I’ve got some visuals for the EP coming very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for that, but on top of the that the next project is on route, Clothing and Shows that’ll I’ll announce in good time.’

Listen to Vibes & Tribulations II below: