The A’ Design Award & Competition is a magnet for creativity. Every year, designers from all over the world will attend this competition. The winners for 2016-2017 have just been announced and there are some genius designs among them.

Little Pocket

This is a fries bag design called ‘The Little Pocket’. You can put your sauce on the front so you do not have to throw it everywhere on your plate or over the fries. Maccers, are you watching?

Marais Piano Cake Packaging

The inspiration for this design is obviously the piano. Different types of packaging for different types of presents. So if you really want to show off on a birthday, you pull up with this as a package.

Honey Packaging Design Funny Honey

Big fan of honey and board games? With this gift you can combine these two things. You have a place to keep all of your honey pots, and play a board game at the same time. Niche, but nice.